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About Me

My name is Chris Bond.

I was lucky to be alive when the home computer generation blossomed. I was programming passwords and altering games on my fathers Apple IIe before I had even been formerly educated in the Computer Sciences.

I have a degree in Electronics Engineering. Other than that, everything I know about computers, programming, tinkering — It is all self-taught.

You ever see that Disney Movie ‘Meet the Robinsons’ ? The kids motto was “See a need, fill a need”. That’s exactly how I am. I’ve been taking things apart and putting them back together (sometimes) for a long time. My entire life has been a quest for knowledge. I like to think of myself as a Creative and Efficient Problem-Solver. I have a knack for seeing the shortest path to troubleshooting a problem.

I have been fixing my own gear for many years. I also design and 3D print parts as I see fit to replace either missing or broken items. I build devices for much cheaper than what they can be purchased for at market price.

In sort, I am a Creator of things and a fixer of things. Otherwise known as a Maker.

Drop me a line here and let’s see if there is something I can do for you.

If anything I will be too reasonable.


I am passionate.

I’ve been tinkering with electronics and gadgets for almost 40 years. I love what I do. I love the sense of accomplishment and achievement. I love that I can save myself so much money by fixing the things I might otherwise throw away or give up on.

How Does It Work

Some people fix lawn mowers, some people fix porches. I fix electronics. You have something that needs fixed? I can take a look at it and decide if I can fix it. It’s really that simple. I charge a nominal consultation fee. But only after you tell me what your problem is and I think I can do it. If I can’t, you pay nothing other than the consultation fee. If I can, you pay for parts.

I don’t charge by the hour. I charge by results.

Depending on the size of the item and the complexity of the fix you will pay between $20 and $60. No more than $60!

Oh yeah, and I will tell you first. No surprises!

My Values & Vision

My Mission

To keep your stuff out of the trash. It’s that simple. While we admit we have limitations when it comes to fixing everything, our goal is to take what is broken and bring it back to life. If we can’t do it, then you don’t pay a dime.

Driven by Success

Nobody likes to admit failure. I will try my hardest to succeed. But I will also let you know when I can’t. There is no shame in admitting our own shortcomings.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

I am constantly learning. If I don’t know how to do something, thanks to the Internet it won’t take me long to figure it out. I am an information siphon! When others might feel it is out of their scope of understanding, I learn with relative ease.

Your Stuff is My Stuff

No, that doesn’t mean I am going to keep your stuff. It means that I put the same amount of work and effort into your stuff as if it were my own.

Delight & Inspire

Nothing is more satisfying than putting a smile on someones face. Believe me when I say I have felt the sense of dread when something you cherish breaks. Give me a chance to show you its not the end!

Have a Project in Mind?

I will admit up front I can’t do everything. But I strive to do my best. My aim is to take on small projects so that I can offer cheap prices. But if you have something bigger in mind we can discuss it.

I don’t limit what I can and will do. Though I am realistic about what I have time and resources to do.

Have an idea? What to build something or maybe just pick my brain? Let me help!